Gitta Lindemann mit Sohn Till Lindemann von M-W-Juergens „Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst.“
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Rosenrot (German: "rose-red") is Rammstein's fifth musical album. It was released on October 28, 2005 in Germany, December 6, 2005 in Canada, and March 28, 2006 in the United States. A limited edition with a bonus DVD is also available.

The album includes six songs artistically omitted from Reise, Reise. The album's first title was Reise, Reise Volume Two, but on August 18, 2005 the album was announced as Rosenrot.

The cover art is nearly identical to the Japanese import of Reise, Reise. The image is a slightly altered photograph of the icebreaker USS Atka, taken on March 13, 1960 at McMurdo Station, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.

While Rammstein did not actively promote this album, the band built anticipation through a variety of means. The first single from the album, "Benzin", premiered at the Berliner Wuhlheide and was subsequently released on disc. Rammstein's official website featured one-minute samples from six of the tracks, and had featured a prominent release-date countdown. A brief section of the chorus from "Rosenrot" plays in the background of an e-card containing photographs of the band and basic album information.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Benzin" ("Petrol") - 3:46
  2. "Mann gegen Mann" ("Man against Man") - 3:51
  3. "Rosenrot" ("Rose-red") - 3:55
  4. "Spring" ("Jump") - 5:25
  5. "Wo bist du" ("Where are you") - 3:56
  6. "Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't Die Before I Do)" (featuring Sharleen Spiteri and Bobo) - 4:06
  7. "Zerstören" ("To Destroy") - 5:29
  8. "Hilf mir" ("Help me") - 4:44
  9. "Te Quiero Puta!" (Spanish for "I love you, Whore!") (featuring Carmen Zapata) - 3:56
  10. "Feuer und Wasser" ("Fire and Water") - 5:18
  11. "Ein Lied" ("A Song") - 3:44

Album bookletEdit

Lyrics for each song are featured in the album's booklet as well as photos of each band member. The lyrics for "Rosenrot" and "Spring" are in the wrong order.

Videos Edit

On August 18, 2005, it was announced that "Benzin" would be the first video for Rosenrot. The "Benzin" video premiered on German MTV on Friday, September 16, 2005. In the video, all of the members of Rammstein except Flake play the role of reckless firemen driving a massive fire truck destroying things along the way. Flake does not appear until the end of the video as a man about to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of a tall building. The other band members open a life net for him, but it ends up ripping. The video was shot in Berlin over three days in August 2005. It was directed by Uwe Flade.

The second video from the album, "Rosenrot", premiered on November 30, 2005 on MTV Germany. A streaming version of the video has been made available on Rammstein's official site.

The third video, "Mann gegen Mann", was released on February 1, 2006. It shows the band (genuinely) naked and utilizing their respective instruments to cover themselves, with the exception of Till, who is wearing a latex diaper, and sports an inverted mohawk haircut. The video switches between the band playing and shots of teeming masses of naked male bodybuilders. Towards the end, Till transforms into the demon that is portrayed on the cover.

When asked about up-coming music videos in a recent interview, it was mentioned that the next video will be for Stirb nicht vor mir. The current status of the video's production is unknown, and it seems unlikely that it will be made since work for the next studio album is under way.

Limited edition bonus DVD Edit

The limited edition includes the normal CD plus a DVD with three live performances:

  1. Reise, Reise (Arena of Nîmes, Nîmes / France July 2005)
  2. Mein Teil (Club Citta, Kanagawa / Japan June 2005)
  3. Sonne (Brixton Academy, London / UK February 2005)

All bonus performances were later featured on the DVD Völkerball.