Reise, Reise

The album cover

Reise, Reise ("Journey, journey") is Rammstein's fourth album. It was released on 27 September 2004.

As used in Reise, Reise aufstehen! Kommt hoch nach alter Seemannsart, the album name is an old sailor's expression to waken other sailors, hence the translation of the title would be "Arise, arise", as seen in the song of the same name. Given Rammstein's propensity to use puns, a double meaning could well be intended, in which case the title would also translate to "Journey, journey".

Track listingEdit

  1. "Reise, Reise" ("Arise, arise" or "Journey, journey") – 4:45
  2. "Mein Teil" ("My part") – 4:32
  3. "Dalai Lama" ("Dalai Lama") – 5:38
  4. "Keine Lust" ("No desire" or "Don't feel like it") – 3:42
  5. "Los" ("(Let's) go" or "-less") – 4:25
  6. "Amerika" ("America") – 3:46
  7. "Moskau" ("Moscow") – 4:16
  8. "Morgenstern" ("Morning-star") – 3:59
  9. "Stein um Stein" ("Stone by stone") – 3:56
  10. "Ohne dich" ("Without you") – 4:32
  11. "Amour" (French for "Love") – 4:50

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